With great attention to detail, we give you the opportunity to have the best art narrative and sound design in your project.

We customize according to your audience and requirements. Focusing on giving you a flawless design using the most appropriate tools.


Enhancing engagement and customer retention are our primary goals as UI/UX designers. As expert UI designers we ensure that a user interacts with the game/app seamlessly, while as UX designers we ensure that such interactions are optimum and intuitive. We curate our UI/UX design so that it catches the users’ attention thus making them regular and repetitive users and consequently turns them into customers.
Our broad range of UI/UX services includes:
-UI/UX Design Consulting Services
-UX Modeling & Prototyping
-Information Architecture & Wire-framing
-User Experience (UX) Design
-User Interface (UI) Detailing & Design


We believe that when the right effort is put into a well-planned idea it can be realized efficiently. Pre-production is the planning phase of the project where we focus on concept development and ideas along with the writing of initial design documents requiring to be precise and descriptive.
We complete the game design, decide on the color concept, style, pipeline, prepare the necessary documentation, technical prototyping just to ensure that the process is feasible. When a concept passes the pre-production stage then we know that the game will be worth the effort.


The art and design development team at Affinity Project have extensive experience in working with various aspects of asset production such as modeling, texturing and lighting. We are experienced in working with game character models, textures and the like. We use different pipeline and tool/software specifically for 2D and 3D models.


Our team includes technically proficient animators, who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of animation. All our animators and riggers follow industry standards to ensure smooth output and seamless animation flows. Our animation technical skills offer both 3D and 2D animation services. We are adept in the use of vfx (e.g. particle effects) which enhances the experience and general feedback.


Thanks to the integration of the Cloud service within our apps it is possible to:
KeeWe offer a state of the art in-house recording studio. We provide original musical scores and compositions by qualified professionals in this field. Our Don-Ay soundtrack was composed by us and recorded live by the Roma Sinfonietta; the official orchestra of Ennio Morricone.