We have a team of passionate designers and developers specialized in creating

games using the most popular game engines. We have extensive experience in

using tools and technologies to build games that support cross-platform.


As an iOS & Android game development studio, we create different types of art assets from the (conceptual) to the realistic, based on the requirements and consequently optimize it to run smoothly on multiple devices. Our team consists of skilled iOS & Android game developers and artists with deep knowledge of the platform, core understanding of game engines such as Unity3D. and up to mark on the latest software developments thus ensuring great quality games.


If you’re looking to create a product that is accessible to a wide clientele, hire a team that is expert with Unity3D. Game development with Unity3D allows one to release content on over 25 platforms including Android, iOS, Steam and Facebook.


Experience and expertise in different platforms in that we have created games for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam. We offer comprehensive development solutions such as Concept art, UI design, asset production, development, coding, and testing. We follow a rigorous testing and QA process in all of our games from 2D platformers to high-powered AA games.


We design and develop AR apps using markerless, marker-based technologies and object recognition, that optimally use the potential of the devices we develop them for.
In our mobile apps, we use GPS, compass, and accelerometer to accurately pinpoint the location of the device and implement augmented reality content in a specific area.


Thanks to the integration of the Cloud service within our apps it is possible to:
Keep your data and progress always safe, even if you change or lose your device
Migrate your profile between different platforms;
Maintain a community inside the app thanks to a chat, ranking, and system of sharing of the progress of the game.


Our testing team’s enhanced gaming experience will help provide Quality Assurance and compliance testing for iOS and Android and other games. We test performance consistency, gameplay, device compatibility, user experience, user interface, screen orientations, resolutions, load testing, and social integration. The Centre of Excellence (CoE) aimed at helping gaming companies leverage the benefits of speed and efficiency aligned with their testing and development goals.